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How My Vac hearing aid vacuum works
Protect your valuable hearing aid with My Vac personal hearing aid vacuum
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How My Vac Hearing Aid Vacuum Works:

What is My Vac hearing aid vacuum?
My Vac is a suction system designed for consumer use to extract damaging ear wax and debris from your hearing aid. My Vac is the same type of hearing aid cleaning system used in hearing health clinics and repair labs, just a smaller home version. When used on a regular basis, My Vac can significantly increase the life of your hearing aid by extracting the #1 cause of premature hearing aid failure - ear wax in the sound port.

How My Vac Works
My Vac hearing aid vacuum uses a high quality miniature vacuum pump to create enough suction to virtually remove damaging ear wax and debris from the sound outlet port. Unlike a traditional vacuum cleaner which uses a fan to create air flow, My Vac hearing aid vacuum "pumps" the air using an internal diaphragm. This creates much more power and flow resulting in better cleaning, and better results.

The extracted wax and debris are pumped through a replaceable Needle Tip and trapped in an easily replaceable filter. One of the Needle Tips included with My Vac is a little larger than the sound outlet opening of the hearing aid to prevent accidental damage which could be caused by inserting a Needle Tip too deeply inside the sound port. Two additional smaller Needle Tips are also included with My Vac which can be used to clean inside the sound port. Cleaning closer to the sound outlet results in better cleaning, but only individuals with good dexterity and training in cleaning the inside of the sound port should consider using the smaller Needle Tips. Check with your hearing health provider before using smaller tips.

How My Vac saves time and money
A few moments daily is all the time you need to properly maintain your hearing aid using My Vac. And though My Vac is not intended to completely replace your traditional manual cleaning tools, you will certainly use them a lot less - if at all. But it is the time, money and frustration that you didn't spend on hearing aid repairs that you will value most. Ear wax accumulating in the sound outlet port is by far the #1 cause of poor hearing aid performance, and hearing aid failure. My Vac can help prevent these problems, protecting your expensive hearing aid.

My Vac Maintenance
My Vac uses a high quality vacuum pump which is completely maintenance free. The only thing you may want to do occasionally is clean the plastic Slip-Luer Fitting which can become obstructed with debris. The Slip-Luer Fitting can be easily removed and washed in warm water for cleaning. The Needles Tips can also be quickly and easily cleared of obstruction by removing and inserting into the blower port located in the rear of the unit. This effective method eliminates the need for small parts, such as reaming needles, which can be easily lost or misplaced.

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure
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