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My Vac Reseller Information:

If you are a hearing health professional interested in providing your customers and patients the best in home hearing aid maintenance, consider My Vac hearing aid vacuum. Designed for in-home use, My Vac hearing aid vacuum enables your patients to effectively maintain their own hearing aids, resulting in less problems, and satisfied customers.

My Vac Reseller and Distributor Programs

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More time to help more people
How much time do you spend per day cleaning cerumen and debris out of hearing aids? And how many times do you provide this service at no charge? When you think about the people involved and consider telephone time, receptionist time, technician time, and your time - it can really add up. Imagine how much time you could free up if your customers could effectively maintain their own hearing aids. You might think," I'm providing my customers with a valuable service when I clean their hearing aids" - and you are. But in reality, it is an inconvenience and time drain for you and them. When you're in business, time really is money. Save yourself some valuable time by introducing your customers to My Vac hearing aid vacuum.

Is My Vac safe for my customers?
We know you are concerned about the possibility of your customers inadvertently damaging their hearing aids. We also share that concern. That's why we designed My Vac with a Slip-Luer Fitting and 3 various size Needle Tips. One of these tips is a little too larger to fit inside the sound port and receiver tubing. My Vac provides strong enough vacuum to perform effective cleaning without penetrating the sound port. We also know that the closer you can get the debris the more debris you can remove, so we included 2 smaller Needle Tips that can fit inside the receiver tubing, or sound port. This is for your patients with better dexterity that you feel can perform this type of maintenance.

My Vac reseller pricing
We have set up special My Vac reseller pricing for hearing health providers who wish to sell My Vac to their customers. We also have some special promotional programs where you can get even better pricing on My Vac for resale. Click the following link to go to our main My Vac distributor page:

My Vac Reseller Programs

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